Mad Trapper “Champs” Race Recap

Let’s just put this out there right now – I kind of suck at snowshoe running.  There are specific stages I went through during last Saturday’s 5k race to come to this realization.  Here is a more or less accurate account of my rambling thought process while doing the race:


“I’m a half decent half marathon runner, I can definitely snowshoe 5k.  Sure there are a lot of hills, but I’ve been doing hill training.  Yes the race starts on a hill that just seems to keep going up.   But look, the 4 people ahead of me on this single track are walking now up the hill.  I could totally run it but since I am behind them I will just have to walk too.”

“Damn, why are those people moving off the track and letting me go by???  Oh $#*! now I am the leader of this group.  I don’t want to be leader, I think the people behind me might actually want to be running.  Maybe I will just move off the track and let them by.  But I could totally run this hill if I had to.”

Anger(this one is directed to you Mike Caldwell!)

 “Who the heck thought snowshoe racing on hills was a good idea???  What is wrong with snowshoe running on flat ground???  Why are there so many hills in Quebec anyway????


“If the ground flattens out I promise to be a much better person, honest.”

This thought is interrupted by totally random thoughts to keep me going:

“Hey, five weeks from right now I’ll be getting ready to head to the start line for the Prague Half Marathon.  Oh, wait, there is a time difference.  Ahead or behind?  Would I be at the start line or the finish line at this time in 5 weeks?  Damn, not enough oxygen for my brain to do math.”  


OK, skipped this stage.  The thoughts of chili, beer and brownies kept me happy enough.


“I suck at snowshoe racing.  Oh well!  I’ll be back at the races next year regardless!”

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