Redemption Run

After that marathon 4 weeks ago I needed a happy run.  So my goal for today’s Vancouver Half Marathon was to simply go out and have a good time.  That goal was completed but with an added bonus.  I can now say I have run a sub 2 hour half marathon!  That’s right, I had fun AND beat my previous best time by almost 6 minutes!!!  In short, it was one of those days where everything came together; I felt fantastic, the weather was perfect with absolutely no humidity, and the course was fast with some amazing downhills.  Lots of details about the race still to come but for now here are the stats:

Chip time: 1:57:28

Overall: 1305/3979

Women: 517/1882

Age category: 45/174

Couldn’t be happier 🙂

A successful race day!

A successful race day!


3 thoughts on “Redemption Run

  1. Nikki

    Holy cow, speedster! Congrats on a new PR, that’s awesome! I’m still chasing that elusive sub 2 but had a great day at Scotiabank nonetheless. It was so great to get the chance to meet you!


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