A New Running Experience

Tonight was another first for me in my running life as I started as a 5k clinic instructor at the Running Room.  I love seeing people start (or restart) their running life.  I can honestly say I get just as excited when listening to the accomplishments of new runners as I do about my own accomplishments.  When I run with people who are just starting out it brings back all my memories of learning to run 5k.  Running provides such a high at all levels, but there is something special about working your way up to that 5 km goal.  I work with a few people who in the last few months have taken up running.  It is so much fun to hear them when they talk – often with a tone of complete shock – of their newest distance or pace.  Let’s face it, most of us don’t do this to set any records.  We do it to prove to ourselves we can do something we thought impossible.  And when that happens it is magical.

On a purely selfish level, I know this will be a great experience for me.  Two nights a week I will get to run with a group of people rather than on my own.  I love solitary running, but I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and run in a group.  Now that the hot weather is here, the evening runs are perfect for this cold weather runner.  I also get the chance to run in a lovely part of the city and once I’m done with the group I can head out for a longer run along the Ottawa River.  And to top it all off, I get an employee discount for the length of the clinic.  Does it get more perfect than that?

Tomorrow I will run with the group again and then my next run will be in Vancouver.  I managed to do a 17k a few days ago and while the first 10 km seemed to fly by, that last km seemed loooong.  So it is a little hard to predict what I will feel like for my “fun run” along the seawall.  I am definitely not at my peak, but I am certainly not at my worst either which hopefully means a nice comfortable run in the 2:05 to 2:15 range.  More importantly I hope it means I will be able to finish the race with a smile on my face and that lovely high of a good run!

2 thoughts on “A New Running Experience

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Congrats on becoming a Running Room clinic instructor – sounds like lots of fun! One of these days I need to go to my local RR’s long runs as they run in my area – sometimes the 5K group goes right by the park when Max and I are there and Max gets a kick out of it.

    I bet Vancouver will be lots of fun for you! The temps should be decent and hopefully no rain! I am betting you will be very close to a sub-2:00. I was almost on 2:15 for the ORW half – and you are way more conditioned for longer distances than I was. Good luck!!!!

    1. kristi Post author

      Thanks Rebecca! So far the weather is calling for lots of sun in Vancouver, but I think it should still be comfortable for an early morning race. It is funny how little I am stressing about this race. I am at the moment stuffing myself with chocolate which I would normally never do in a race week 🙂


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