Kristi and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Run

For those of you with kids you will know that I stole this blog title from the children’s story by Judith Viorst. Her choice of words are far more appropriate than what I would like to use. My brief (very) run tonight was one of my worst. Ok, I guess it could have been worse. I could have wiped out on black ice, I could have peed my pants (I know I am not the only woman who has nightmares about that!) or I could have been struck down by a bus. None of these disasters occurred, but nothing good happened either.

It snowed here all afternoon, but by the time I headed out at 5:00 it had stopped. I drove from work to a nearby subdivision, knowing that at that time of evening there was no point trying to run on my darkening rural roads. That and of course the danger of going home before a run is the risk of finding my way to a couch and not finding my way back outside. My first clue that the run wasn’t going to be ideal was when I parked across from a construction site and saw the protective plastic flailing in the wind. Second clue was the sky filling with blowing snow even though it was no longer snowing. I assured myself it wasn’t a problem for me. After all I have run outside regularly this winter, in all kinds of conditions. Normally on windy days I try to wind myself through all the suburban side streets in the hopes of being blocked from the wind. Due to the recent snow, however, all the side streets and the sidewalks were still covered. That left running on the more frequently used roads, roads that are particularly busy at 5:00 p.m. The wet roads weren’t slippery, but I was feeling the fine spray of water from every car and bus. And of course there was the wind. Why is it that no matter what direction you run in, the wind manages to hit you directly in the face?

My final straw was at the 3k mark when I realized I needed to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to live the nightmare mentioned previously, I ran the 1k back to the car and decided the run was a write-off. I popped into a small cafe, used the facilities and decided I really should purchase something in return. So I treated myself to a hot chocolate, thinking there would be at least one good thing about the outing. That was until I got it in the car, tried to take a sip and discovered too late that I had not put the lid on properly. I did learn that the wind resistant winter running pants are also resistant to hot drinks; despite spilling a fair amount of the drink into my lap, I didn’t even feel the heat. As one final insult, the hot chocolate was missing the chocolate part. I had just payed 3 dollars for hot milk. I say that, but I guess she must have put a little chocolate in, since when I looked at it the milk was not pure white, but rather a very light beige. Call me picky, but if I am going to drink hot chocolate I want to actually taste chocolate, not just see a slight colour tinting.

I guess in the end 4k is better than 0k, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like it. I need a running fix right now. I need a run that makes me feel amazing. I need some of those moments mentioned in an earlier blog. Today just wasn’t the day. Maybe tomorrow???

P.S When I got home I checked the weather website. Apparently the wind gusts were over 50 km/h, so at least I feel a little justified in feeling miserable on the run.

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