Week in Review

This felt like a good week.  My mileage may not have been quite as high as I was aiming for, but every single run felt like a quality run.  From that snowy, gusty cold run (see previous post) to Friday’s run – my first run in months with only one layer of clothing on when the temperature worked its way up to a balmy 0C!!!  This was also the first week in this session of training where I consistently managed to run at a pace of less than 6 min/km.  And to top it all off, I have received a Running Room store credit because of those mismatched Aisics I unknowingly bought last fall.  All in all, a good running week and I am looking at the Around the Bay 30k race a little more positively (as in I now think I will be able to finish it without offering myself up to the Grim Reaper who stands at the top of the last hill).

Last week’s runs:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 7km  6:30 min/km

Tuesday: 5km  5:35 min/km

Wednesday: yoga

Thursday: 5km  5:39 min/km

Friday: 6km  5:54 min/km

Saturday: 14km  6:17 min/km

Total: 37km

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Didn’t that 0C temperature feel amazing?

    This week is actually looking pretty good for weather, minus Wednesday as it looks like we are going to get more snow. I’m hoping that we are done with this -20C weather despite what Mr. Groundhog says


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