A Lesson in Buying Shoes

Back in the fall I bought my favourite shoes ever:

My happy shoes :)

My happy shoes 🙂

I loved the colour and more importantly I loved the fit of these Aisics.  i bought them on a Saturday and I ran 32km in them on the Sunday.  Knowing I had bought my dream shoes I figured I may as well pick up a second pair since the price had been lowered.  The next chance I had, I picked up another pair, different colour, but exactly the same shoes.

I spent the fall running in my first pair and they never failed me, including during my first marathon.  Once in a while I grabbed the second pair to use for a short run.  Somehow the left shoe never felt quite right but I just kept putting it down to it being a little stiff and needing to be broken in.  A week ago I did my first long run in the second pair and completely destroyed my big toenail.  Now, we all know black and missing toenails are a badge of honour in running.  While the rest of the world may think it is disgusting, for runners it almost a rite of passage.  But this one just pissed me off.  I knew it was because of the shoe and not because of any great running accomplishments that I had sustained this injury.  But for the life of me I could not figure out why I was having such a problem when my other pair was so perfect.

Finally I thought to compare my right shoe (which was fitting fine) and the left shoe that was causing the problem.  When I put them together for comparison I discovered that the left shoe, while labelled as the correct size, is in fact a half size smaller.  That half size combined with winter socks and going down hills, makes quite a difference in how a running shoe fits.  Needless to say, I am more than a little irritated.  I am long past the 30 day return policy, nor do I have a receipt.  Regardless, I have emailed the manager of the store and am hoping to hear back this week as to what to do next.  Right now all I know is I have learned a new lesson; don’t just check the size printed in the shoe, compare both shoes to make sure the sizes match.  Who knew???



2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Buying Shoes

  1. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.

    Wow – that is CRAZY. K, note to self when I buy my next pair of shoes…..

    I almost went with the same pair of shoes I had 2x previous (some NB shoes with support), but they changed the model slightly and no longer were they the shoe for me. I tried on a pair of Mizunos and boom – instant love.

    I ran in -20 today! Will post a recap sometime tomorrow – but my goodness it was so cold on the face. The guys were covered in ice too!

    1. kristi Post author

      I’ve had that too, where the shoe company makes a little change in the new year’s version and then the shoe doesn’t work for me anymore. That is frustrating too, but getting two different sizes came as a shock. Hopefully Aisic will want to keep a customer and will replace the shoes.
      I hope the race went well today, looking forward to reading about it. Maybe the cold helped everyone run faster in order to finish earlier and get indoors? That’s the way it works for me sometimes 🙂


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