A New Running Year Begins

Like last year, my new running season starts right after Christmas Day, rather than January 1st. I have realized that for me, most of December is just not a running month. Sure, I can make all kinds of promises to myself that I will maintain my mileage throughout December. I made those promises this year and it just didn’t happen. I did at least do more running this December compared to last. A quick check of my running log showed that I in fact only managed to do 18km last December, making this month’s 38km (with a couple of days to go) seem a little more impressive. O.K. not by much, but you know what I mean. But both years once Christmas Day was done I felt that my running season was ready to start again, although I admit I have approached these new beginnings with trepidation, knowing how hard it is to start again after a break. But I am encouraged in knowing that last year January and February saw me return to high mileage and good focus. I hope the same will happen this year.

A quiet Boxing Day run on my road.

A quiet Boxing Day run on my road.

Of course it is also time to start planning the season and setting goals. My very peaceful (and very, very slow) 7k run on Boxing Day gave me time to think through what I want to accomplish this year. What I realized was that I had to pick one main goal. Should it be a fast 30k at Around the Bay? A 55 minute 10k? A second marathon? Multiple half marathons? In the end I settled on a sub 2 hour half marathon as my ultimate goal. I’m not picky, I’ll be happy with a 1:59:59. I just want to see that “1”.   If all goes to plan I should have four or five opportunities to try to achieve this goal.

As for races this year, I am already registered for the following:
Around the Bay 30k (March) I’ve already decided that this will be a “fun” run, no major goals other than to enjoy the ride.
Manotick 10 Miler (April) thanks to a Christmas gift from my boys and husband.
Ottawa Race Weekend Half (May)

Other races I plan on doing:
Winterman 5k or 10k (February)
Ottawa Race Weekend 5k with Luke (Evan will be somewhere up ahead of us)
Either the Canadian Half (August) or Fall Colours Half (October) thanks to a Somersault gift certificate from my parents.
Army Half (September)
Mission Possible Half (November)

The destination race I really hope to do:
Vancouver Half (June)

This should be a big year of running for my kids, particularly Evan as he is keen on doing several 3k and some 5k races. Luke is also wants to try a number of 3k races. And for all of us we will be doing our “A Christmas Story/Resolution Run/Family Half Marathon Run” (see last post for explanation)in the next couple of days. Let the new season begin!

3 thoughts on “A New Running Year Begins

  1. Karla @ Run, Karla, Run!

    Happy Running New Year! I’m with you on that 1:59:59 goal. I’m confident we’ll both do it this year with the proper training. Looks like you’ve got a great year of running planned! Looking forward to following along.

  2. Nikki

    I love the idea of starting your running new year right after Christmas. And I definitely think you should come out and do that half marathon here in Vancouver! I’m still sorting out all of my own goals for the year but I love reading about what others are doing. I’ve got that elusive 2-hr half in my sights as well! Thanks for sharing!

    1. kristi Post author

      Hi Niki! I was just checking your blog out a few days ago. Your story is amazing and I plan to keep reading about your running. I so badly want to do the Vancouver race, I’m hoping it will work out. It is amazing how expensive travelling across this country is. I know a few people now who want to get that sub 2 hour half. Maybe this will be our year 🙂


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