No Need to Go to Cleveland…

On Thursday the boys and I made a second shopping trip to buy toys for Toy Mountain.  Our first trip was done a few weeks ago and was part of our annual tradition.  Each year I take the boys to choose toys for charity in lieu of gifts for their teachers.  They then make homemade cards for the teachers and we include a note to let them know about the toys bought.  As a teacher myself, I know teachers get a lot in the way of gifts, everything from gift cards, to chocolate, to candles and soap.  This is just our way of doing something a little different that will benefit those in need.

So what does this all have to do with Cleveland?  Well, in my last post I explained how I had found my dream medal which runners in Cleveland’s recent ‘A Christmas Story 5 and 10k” received.  I learned about the race on a blog I follow, Salty Running, a blog with a number of contributors, all women. When I left a comment on “Pepper’s” post about the race, noting I had medal envy, she very kindly offered a trade. She and her husband both ran the race so are in possession of two medals. She offered to send a medal to me if I ran a 10k and made a donation to a charity of my choice. Needless to say I couldn’t turn down that amazing offer!

So that is why Evan, Luke and I headed out for some more fun toy shopping. The next step is to run that 10k. I wanted to do something special for the run, so my first thought was to aim for a P.B. I quickly realized that just completing the distance is going to be difficult enough with my lack of running these days, much less trying to run it in 56 minutes or less. Then it occurred to me this really should be a family event. Luke quickly agreed to join me for 3k, and Evan offered to do 5. Then Evan volunteered my husband to join in for 3 as well, to give us a total of 21km. We are now referring to the run as the “A Christmas Story Family Half Marathon” and we will be running it sometime around January 1st.

As I have been telling this fun story to friends I have been quite surprised as to how many people have never seen the movie. I guess in a way it is a bit of “cult” Christmas favourite and it was in fact a movie that wasn’t particularly well-received when it was first released. And yet now it often makes it onto many top 10 Christmas movie lists. There was an article about it in today’s paper that noted it was a little ahead of its time in terms of humour but it is that humour that has made me a fan for more than two decades. When I think of this movie I immediately think of leg lamps, Chinese for Christmas dinner, puffy one-piece snowsuits, belching furnaces, flagpoles, pink bunny suits, fudge and soap connoisseurs. If you have seen the movie, you are giggling right now, if you haven’t, check it out on CBC this Monday night at 8:00p.m. Maybe you will end up with medal envy too!

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