Planning 2014 Already!?!

As of today I have officially registered for two races months away.  This is not because I am in a panic having no races penciled into my calendar.  To be honest I kind of hate organizing things so far in advance.  For some reason it feels like tempting fate.  But these early registrations came of necessity.  Some of the big Ontario races are just so popular now that you have no choice but to register early.  So when I heard earlier this week that the half marathon for Ottawa Race Weekend was already over 75% sold out I figured I might as well grab a spot now rather than try to get one through the bib transfer process in the spring (which BTW I did do relatively easily this past spring).  So today, November 16th, I registered for a race that will be held on May 25th, 2014.  And I should note, as of today the half marathon is 82% sold out.  That number is bound to go up quickly since there was an article about it in today’s paper.  Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that the full marathon is already 46% sold out!  I’m sure part of the interest in the Ottawa Race is the fact that it will be a major milestone for the event.  The 2014 race will mark the 40th anniversary of the run – what runner wouldn’t want to be part of such an event?  And rumour has it there will be a pretty nice shirt for this one.

The other race I have registered for is also one that sells out quickly.  The Around the Bay 30k, and end of March race held in Hamilton, is a race steeped in history and tradition.  It first ran in 1894 and its tagline is “Older Than Boston”.  Almost every person I have met who has done this race has actually done it multiple times.  I am guessing that the unique distance and challenging course (lots of hill work in the last 10k) make people want to return again and again.  As a result it is another race you want to enter early to avoid disappointment (no bib transfers for this one).  While I had no troubles registering a few weeks ago, I can tell you that even this early it is almost impossible to find a hotel room near the start/finish line.  In fact, the sponsoring hotel has been sold out since September!  There is no data on the website as to what percent of the race spots have been sold, but the two person and three person relays are already sold out.

Sign up now folks if you are interested in either of these races!

5 thoughts on “Planning 2014 Already!?!

  1. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.

    The Ottawa Race Weekend is selling out even quicker this year! Normally we do a 5K/10K sign up with the students at my school in 2nd semester – but we might have to get our spots earlier. Usually once the half fills up – the 10K fills up quickly after. Crazy! I’m running the half too this year 🙂 First time I’m racing on the Sunday!

    Hamilton does not have many hotels – I lived there for 4 years and I only know of one!

    1. kristi Post author

      I think there were about five or six hotels to choose from, at least three were sold out and a couple were just too expensive. I’m guessing ATB must be one of the biggest weekends for the Hamilton hotels. I am going to stay in Burlington which I figure should be close enough.
      I’m excited you are doing the Ottawa half! What corral are you signing up for? Maybe we can start together. I signed up for the 1:30 to 2 hour corral…not that I have ever finished in under 2 hours, just trying to be positive:)

  2. Rebecca@Running.Food.Baby.

    I believe I signed up for the 2-2:15 corral – I finished in 2:29 the last time I ran the half, but I’m in way better running shape now than I was at that point. A sub-2 would be a dream 😀 Maybe you can help push me to that time 😀

  3. Momofthree

    Hello! I signed up for the Around The Bay and saw your link to your blog on the facebook page. This will be my longest distance so far. I just started running in the spring and did the Niagara Falls Women’s Half and the Army Run Half. I’m pretty sure that I saw you running away from the Army Run course before it started and I remember thinking that you were taking an awfully big warm up run:) I’m feeling good about ATB right now but am sure I’ll be freaking out about the distance when the spring comes! I can’t wait to follow along with your training!

    I’m not a big fan of planning so far ahead either but I have a habit of missing early registration pricing and realized that if I get all the early fees this year, it will basically pay for one of my races:)
    Tentatively I am planning for 2014 to do Around the Bay, the Barrie Half, the Collingwood Half and the Army Run Half. I want to throw in a couple of 5k races with my oldest child too. Should be a fun year!

    1. kristi Post author

      Welcome to my blog! Congratulations on signing up for your longest race yet, always a big and exciting step. I am really looking forward to hearing about your training too. Not sure what to expect at ATB. Technically I know I can do the distance but I am wondering how tough the hills will be in the last third of the race.

      Too funny that you saw me at the Army Run. I did feel a little weird that day heading away from the race! Even stranger when I had to run against the flow of the 5k 🙂

      When are you going to start officially training for ATB? I’m giving myself a bit of a rest right now but figure I should start following an actual schedule by the middle of December. Easier said than done though! I find December the toughest month of the year to keep to a schedule.


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