Editing Remedial

Apparently now that I spend my days editing the writing of kids (you wouldn’t believe the number of times you can correct their, there and they’re in a day), I am no longer capable of editing my own work. That and the fact that auto spell is not always my friend. So for the record – obviously the rain drops looked like rain, what I wanted say was they looked like hail. And I did not try to avoid running in puzzles, but did in fact have to deal with puddles.

And if there are any other mistakes, I blame my poor iPad typing skills and general editing fatigue.

2 thoughts on “Editing Remedial

  1. Karla @ Run, Karla, Run!

    Haha, no one can edit their own work. I catch typos in my own posts after the fact frequently enough, or my husband does, despite the fact that I have worked as an editor. When I worked a major mag, I once caught a typo in headline that I’ll never forget. It was the cover story, huge block letters, white ink on a black page, and yet, it had somehow slipped by the section editor, managing editor, copy editor and make-up department, who had all signed off on the story. As the researcher, I was the last eyes on it and saw it just before I was about to sign off and send it to the printer. Egads! I see even more typos online in AP, newspaper stories, and the like. They happen to all of us, despite the most careful read šŸ™‚

    1. kristi Post author

      So glad to hear that the professionals miss mistakes too! Funny how our brains just see what we want to see when editing our own work rather than picking up on the mistakes.
      A friend of mine has a very funny story about auto spell. Without her glasses on she emailed a parent of a student and while meaning to type psychoeducational assessment she ended up with the word “sexual” in there. Luckily it was a parent she knew well!


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