Childbirth and Hills

Things you say in labour:

1. “Let’s get this done!”
2. “This hurts a little, but I am prepared.”
3. “This hurts like hell.”
4. “What the hell was I thinking???”
5. “Whose idea was this???”
6. “I think I want to die.”
7. “Why is that lady smiling? Oh, she has had drugs…I want to be that lady.”

Things you say after labour:

1. “I am exhausted, relieved and so proud!”
2. “That wasn’t too bad, I can do it again.”

Things you say when running hills:

ALL OF THE ABOVE (except # 7. The lady you see while running is smiling because she is running DOWN the hill and has no intention of going back UP even once, much less repeatedly. You still want to be that lady.)

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