You Know You Are a Runner When…

1. You don’t know the date but you do know what distance and pace is scheduled for the day.
2, After a run in heat and humidity you are completely comfortable walking into a store to buy a chocolate milk, knowing full well you stink of sweat. In fact, you grow to appreciate the extra space people seem to give you while waiting in line.
3, You can then drink the full 500 ml of chocolate milk in the seconds it takes to walk from the cashier to the exit.
4. You lie awake at night debating the pros and cons of 10 and ones vs. walking at water stations.
5. Your running shoes cost significantly more than the shoes you wear to work.
6. You own more running shoes than your children…combined
7. You know all of the hills within a 10 k radius of both your home and your workplace.
8. You own a stack of running bras, but only one half decent bra for work.
9. You have actually stopped to relieve yourself at the side of the road, managing to avoid passing cars and poisin ivy (for the guys who think this is easy…the logistics are a bit more complicated for women!).
10. And finally, you spend time blogging about running knowing that somebody out there will totally get what you are saying.

4 thoughts on “You Know You Are a Runner When…

    1. kristi Post author

      I’m guessing #9 (peeing at the side of a road surrounded by poison ivy) doesn’t really apply to a New York City runner 🙂


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