It Was Going So Well…

…and now I have pulled my IT band. I knew I was feeling “twinges” during last night’s 12k run but I didn’t want to stop. Honestly, it didn’t feel serious enough to stop. I should have stopped. By the time I drove home certain movements felt like a knife was being jabbed into the side of my leg. I have iced, foam rolled and elevated and while it certainly feels better today I can tell I have some healing to do. Today is a rest day anyway, not sure what I will do tomorrow. I do know I will be going to pick up an IT band strap ASAP.

2 thoughts on “It Was Going So Well…

    1. kristi Post author

      Thank goodness for foam rollers and ice – I am definitely getting better but will still take a little time off running. I also went out and bought another IT band strap. I think I left my last one in a porta potty in NYC after the race. Should have replaced it sooner but hadn’t had any issues for a while. BTW, if your husband doesn’t have a strap (I use Pro Tech) I found it made a huge difference the last time I pulled my IT band. Actually it saved me in my second half marathon.


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