Running After a Rest

Last week I went into full running mode and was surprised when I realized at the end of the week I had put in just over 40km. Those final km were done on the Friday night and were followed by 72 hours of long weekend rest and relaxation.

While I can be pretty driven in my running, I am also pretty good – make that particularly talented – at doing nothing. My husband will attest to the fact that I can sit on a deck for a really, really long time just looking at a lake. If I get bored I just move on to reading and I am good for another few hours. Admittedly I am interrupted on a regular basis (about every 5 minutes) by my boys, but even so I have mastered relaxing at the lake.

Can’t say I’ve mastered the healthy eating on a long weekend. I am pretty sure I had a fruit cup one day and the nacho chips did have kale in them. Does the lemon in my vodka drink count?

After a great mini break it was time to run again Monday night and what a great run it was. Most days you know you should run, many days you want to run, and once in a while you need to run. That last one is a pretty amazing feeling. That’s when you know you are fuelling an addiction. On Monday’s run I didn’t care about pace, distance or time. It wasn’t an easy run but it felt amazing. If being lazy and eating crap food leads to this kind of run, well let’s just say I’m looking forward to the August long weekend.

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