Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

Here is my idea of a great two days:

  • Race Saturday morning – make it a late start race (10:30!) with a Christmas theme.
  • After said race head to Cora’s for a giant brunch.
  • Nap (I admit, this may be the best part of the weekend).
  • Sunday afternoon, head for a trail run with the kids, but they get to ride their bikes because it is spring in December.
  • Come home, have popcorn and watch awesome finale of Dr. Who.

Why aren’t all weekends like this one?

IMG_2993 Reduced

IMG_3036 Reduced

5 thoughts on “Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

    1. kristi Post author

      Thanks – I will check it tonight! The weeekend has been a write-off. Slept away most of it because of this cold 🙁 Looking forward to following your blog 😉

    1. kristi Post author

      I don’t think I will have a choice about doing it next year – my kids loved it! Next year though I want snow!


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