I forgot about….


Months of sub zero training can actually make you forget how irritating and downright nasty the bugs can be in rural Ottawa. I headed out for an evening run yesterday (way too hot to run in the day) and was bombarded by tiny gnat-like things. They were in my mouth, my nose, my eyes, my eyelashes, and I am sure there were more in my hair than I care to know about. Was I really complaining about the cold weather only a couple of weeks ago?

I guess each season has its advantage. In winter you keep running because you know if you stop you will freeze. In spring/summer you keep running because you know if you stop, thanks to the bugs, you will lose more blood than sweat or tears.

Bring on the Costco pack of Off!

2 thoughts on “I forgot about….

    1. kristi Post author

      We’re in rural west Ottawa and honestly I wouldn’t even be able to run in the evening here. Not sure which is worse, the blackflies or the mosquitos. And very soon the deer flies will be out.


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