Marathon Recovery Day

I finished my marathon two weeks ago and today was recovery day.  Hmmm, isn’t that a little late?  Yes, but it was nice.  When I came back from Hamilton I had to hit the ground running.  There was work, family life, all the normal stuff.  There were also appointments, thanks to the surgery I must have in January to fix my finger that didn’t heal after this trail running injury:


For whatever reason this finger never straightened despite splints and physio and now looks like this:


The weekend after the marathon we also hosted my son’s 2nd annual Windcrest Farm Orienteering Event for charity.  We hoped for 25 or 30 participants, instead we had about 70 people come to our property to learn how to orienteer.  There were kids and adults running and hiking everywhere, looking to find their way through one of 3 courses that Evan had mapped.  Everyone had fun on a wonderful November afternoon and I’m thrilled to announce that through the generosity of the participants just over $300 was raised for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

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The next day we were up early again for some orienteering over in Quebec:


Then back to work, plus parent teacher interviews, and my husband was out-of-town for the week.  In the two weeks I did manage to fit in 3 nice runs, none of them more the 5k, including a relaxing trail run in unseasonably warm weather:


And through it all I was still fighting to get rid of that unfortunate cold that hit the week before the Road2Hope Marathon.

Finally, today, there was NOTHING on the schedule.  Ok, there was lots I could have been doing, but I decided that this was recovery day.  I essentially slept all day.  The most strenuous part of my day was watching a movie.  I can tell you, it felt good!  And it felt deserved, so no guilt 🙂

But now my mind is definitely starting to think of the New Year.  I find it difficult not having a running goal and a set training schedule.  I felt a little lost after the marathon.  I even searched for another marathon somewhere relatively close but I guess there isn’t enough demand in Ontario for December marathons or even half marathons.  Tomorrow I am missing my usual November half marathon (and the final one in the area for the season) since we are heading as a family over to Quebec once again for the final orienteering meet of 2015.

The season is winding up.  I know I will do a December Mad Trapper race, appropriately named the Transition Race as it may be a trail run or it may be a snowshoe run as we transition from cool fall days to snowy paths.  The boys and I will again do a virtual run in order to get our third “A Christmas Story” medal.  This one will also look great on our tree:

As always, if you haven’t seen the movie, the images on the medal will mean nothing to you.  If you have seen the movie you are having a nostalgic giggle right now!

And so I am looking to April and May for my next two goals; a sub 3 hour 30k at Around the Bay and a sub 1:56 half marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend.  There, it is in writing now so it is official.  Rest time is over, I have goals to achieve.

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14 thoughts on “Marathon Recovery Day

    1. kristi Post author

      I say we both make sub 3 hours our goal, we run at a pretty similar pace. I was 3:04 last time I did ATB. I should be stonger this time and it looks like the famous big hill at km 27 won’t be used do to construction.

        1. kristi Post author

          At ATB I did continuous except for one walk halfway up the really steep hill at the end. That hill will most likely not be in it this year due to construction. This time I might walk at water stations. We should consider pacing each other.
          BTW Marshes golf course looks closed for season. Good place to run on rollers in prep for ATB

          1. Jerome Lambourne

            Yep, we should pace each other, I may need a smack on the ass near the end, I’ve never run over 21km.
            I had good success with continuous at the 9runrun, walked briefly to down a gel.
            Water stations look to be every 4-5k?

          2. kristi Post author

            Let’s do it. Even if one of us walks the stations and one wants continuous it should still work if we are aiming for a specific pace. You can kick my butt into gear too!

    1. kristi Post author

      So I’m not the only one 🙂 It seems to me December would be a great time for a marathon. Seriously, you would think Canadians wouldn’t be so wimpy! What’s a little cold?

  1. Kyra Paterson

    Me too! I looked for a December race, but not much longer than 5k! Kristi you’ll have to come to Hamilton for the Boxing Day 10-Miler some time. 🙂 That’s my last race of 2016. (And, I think you’ve got a sub 3 hr ATB in you!)

    1. kristi Post author

      A 10 miler in December would be perfect. Why don’t we have more races at that distance? We have one here in Ottawa but that is it. I wish we had a 30k here too. You guys have some good races in Hamilton. I also hear awesome things about the orienteering club there. A good place to be for runners!

  2. Carl Wright

    You have had a busy time since the “Road to Hope” Kristi.
    Not much happening in my part of Ontario for races for the rest of the year either. The March races will be coming up quicker than you realize. Did both the Chili half, Around the Bay last year, both in March, and they came up real fast. Hopefully it will be a quick winter! 🙂

    1. kristi Post author

      I’m already getting excited for ATB and you are right it does come up quickly! I remember last time I did it I took December off and then suddenly panicked when I realized how many weeks I had left to train. Starting to slowly build up my mileage again so I can start a 16 week training program in mid December.

      Are you running aTB again this year?


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