After Boston

It has been just over a week since the Boston Marathon bombing. There has been such a range of emotions – disbelief, sadness and anger. But, as with many tragedies, there has also been the amazement one can’t help but feel when you see the inherent goodness in most people. To see this is what gives us hope and reminds us what it is to be compassionate human beings. So many people have done whatever they can to support the victims and to stand up to terrorism. Whether through prayer, raising funds, participating in other running events, or just taking the time to appreciate life, we can all play a role is rising about the evil acts that can take place in this world.

For me, I definitely felt the need to do something, no matter how small. Sometimes just taking action somehow soothes the soul. On Monday I took part in the virtual 5k run organized by NYCRUNS to raise money for the victims. An astounding $16 000 was raised by this event.

Two days after the bombing I also registered for the Ottawa Half Marathon taking place a month from now. I had not planned on doing the half marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend because I was already planning a couple of races before it and felt another race would be too much for me. But after Boston I was reminded how blessed I am to be physically healthy and to be able to run. No matter how tired I am, I will not be facing the physical challenges of those injured, or the unimaginable pain of the families of the three people who died. And of course, like so many runners, I want to show that we will not be scared away from large running events. So I have added the Ottawa Half to my schedule. As a result, in the course of 4 weeks, I will race a total of 65km – two half marathons, an 18k race, and a 5k race I am running with my son. I will run all of these races with the victims of the Boston Marathon in my mind. Several friends and colleagues are supporting me in this and making donations to One Fund Boston. I have no idea how well I will manage doing these races in such short time, but I promise to get them done.

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