In an ideal world, writing a running post about Boston would mean writing about amazing people accomplishing incredible goals in an iconic event. Today, as we all now know, writing about Boston can only mean writing about tragedy.

A marathon, or any running race, is about the best in human beings. It is about perseverance, hope, defying odds, diversity, inner strength, physical strength, charity and celebration. Spend any time at any race, big or small, and you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the atmosphere that I think is unique to the running world. How do we make sense of someone wanting to destroy something so symbolic of the human spirit?

This tragedy has left me shaken. Four weeks ago I ran in my first large U.S race. My husband and my boys, with thousands of others, were at the finish line. As bad as it would have been to be a runner at the finish line today, what terrifies more is the thought of being a runner knowing that somewhere in those crowds was my family. The current reports are stating that an 8 year old child died today. My children are 10 and 7. I, like so many today, took my kids to my race to celebrate, to see everyday heroes in action. How do we explain to our children that there are people who aren’t able to see the beauty and value of life?

There is always a sense of helplessness when these senseless acts of violence occur. For now, all we can do is offer our thoughts and prayers to those involved in today’s tragedy.

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  1. Karla @

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand people who aren’t able to see the “beauty and value of life,” let alone those who are capable of such horror. Thankfully, the human spirit is stronger than they are.

    1. kristi Post author

      Karla, thank you for posting about the virtual race on your blog. I have just registered and I am passing the information on to friends. I also just bought a half marathon bib for our big race weekend here in Ottawa at the end of May. I hadn’t planned on doing it since I will be doing a half and an 18k race in the weeks before it but I feel I need to do it now. No matter how hard it might be to do another race in such a short period of time, I will be thankful that I CAN run it. I will shout thanks to all the spectators and even if I have to walk it I will feel blessed to be there.


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