The Spring That Isn’t

Sometimes it feels like the running gods are having a good laugh at your expense.  Since the NYC Half I have only managed an average of about 25k a week.  I admit getting motivated again has been a little tough.  But this past week was meant to be my time to get back to it seriously and be ready for an 18k race in a couple of weeks.  But this week seemed to somehow go back in time a bit, to say November, when sickness works its way through the house and the weather can throw anything at you.  On Monday my youngest was sick, by Wednesday I was feeling lousy.  My older son is now complaining of a sore throat.  Then there is the weather.  It is the middle of April and we have had a winter storm.  It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but we were all at home from school/work today as the ice fell and the wind shook the house.  Did I mention it is April????  And now, the training run in Manotick that I was looking forward to doing tomorrow has – understandably – been cancelled.  I’m sure that when they planned a run for mid-April the thought that the route would be too icy to run safely would not have even crossed their minds.  And the sad fact is, without the motivation of a group run in a new area I know I am going to struggle to get out there this weekend.  So, here it is in writing:  at some point this weekend I WILL run 18k.  I can’t back out now, right?  I am going to get it done…though maybe not tomorrow…

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