Trying Some New Races

It’s time to be thinking about my next races and it ends up that the next two I am going to do are “new” in one way or another.  Both races appeal to me because they have incorporated some good ideas into their race days.

First, I will be doing the Manotick Road Race on April 28th. This race will raise money for the Heart Institute.   Apparently this is the third year for the race, though this is the first year I have been aware of it.  What I love about this event is that this year they have introduced an 18k run in addition to the 2k family run and 5 and 10k distances.  I love the idea of having race distances that step out of the box.  There are so many runners now of so many abilities.  Having a chance to try something other than the typical 5, 10, 21 and 42k distances makes sense. Recently on CTV news I saw the ladies from inStride Events who are organizing this run and they explained the 18k distance was planned to fit into the training schedules of runners for Ottawa Race Weekend.  Now there is smart planning!

I’m looking forward to trying a new course, though I admit having seen the map, I am a little worried I might get lost in Manotick.  It doesn’t appear to be a simple out and back and my lack of attention to direction when running means I will need  some good signage or have a runner in front of me who actually  knows where they are going.  But it sounds like even directionally challenged runners such as myself have been thought of since this weekend there will be a practice run to try out the route.  If I can make myself get to Manotick for 8:30 in the morning this Saturday (somehow places seem much farther away early in the morning) I will be taking the running tour of the town.  Having just come off a “big”race, it should be fun to be part of a relatively new event and a new distance.  Now, if i can just convince them to hold a 30k event sometime.  Surely I am not the only runner who would love to try something between the half and the full marathons?  I think that is the next “new” distance we need to see in Ottawa.

A couple of weeks after the Manotick run I plan to participate in Somersault’s “Day Before Mother’s Day Race”.  Every mother who is a runner deserves to have a race on her special weekend.  I ran the 10k last year and this year I hope to do the half.  There are a couple of “new” elements this year.  The course has changed and no longer starts at the Aviation Museum, though the Rockcliffe Parkway is still put to use for all distances.  But what I am most interested in is the addition of the “All In 5k Run”.  This event will include disability categories to make it a truly inclusive event.  This ties right in with my previous post about the inclusiveness of running.  I have always enjoyed taking my kids to the Somersault events because of the 1k  Wylie Ryan runs.  Having an “All In” race just adds to the reasons these races are great family events.  And of course that makes another reason to run loving – the whole family can take part in the event and come home with medals.

To check out either of these races go to the following links:



3 thoughts on “Trying Some New Races

  1. Karla @

    I agree that it’s fun to do something different every now and then. I’m signed up for a 4-miler, which is 6.4K and one of my favorite distances to race (in Central Park that’s a perfect 4-mile loop, so if you live and run in NYC, you end up running a lot of 4-milers). 10-miles/16K is another fun distance. Not quite as tough as 21K, but still a good effort. Good luck with your training!

    1. kristi Post author

      I’m jealous you get to run in Central Park so often! Mind you, this weekend I did run along the Ottawa River, a very nice route. The only downside; despite it being April I was still having to work through large patches of snow on any areas that haven’t yet had direct sunlight.
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I always enjoy your posts.


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