A Runner’s Confession

I confess… I’m not loving running right now. It’s not that I’m hating it, I’m just kind of indifferent. I don’t seem to have any drive or goals. I really don’t have any interest in long runs and honestly, short runs aren’t doing much for me either.  I’m long past hoping for a half marathon PB this spring. My mileage is way, way down and the last time I ran more than 16k was at the end of March at the Prague Half Marathon. I know I can complete this weekend’s Ottawa Half Marathon, but I have zero expectations of completing it in under two hours. Negative attitude or realistic view?  Not sure.

I should be looking forward to this weekend. It is the biggest race event on the Ottawa calendar, with close to 49 000 participants over the two day event.  It is, in fact, the biggest race event in Canada.  The crowds, the energy, the buzz; Ottawa turns into a runner’s dream city. So the question is will all that energy give me the kick in the runner’s butt that I seem so desperately to need?  Actually, I think I need a double kick given the fact I am running the 5k late Saturday afternoon prior to the Sunday morning half.  On the upside, at least I’ll get some mileage in.   For all of you who have a better attitude than me, best of luck this weekend!

2 thoughts on “A Runner’s Confession

  1. Carmy

    I totally get that feeling. I’m currently slightly injured and I’m just running for the sake of not losing fitness… I wish Im enjoying it more currently!

    1. kristi Post author

      It is so disappointing when you end up running just for the sake of it and not really enjoying it. Hope your injury improves quickly!


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