iRun Interview

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Mark Sutcliffe for the iRun radio show. I have to admit that being associated with iRun, even if only for 10 minutes, made me feel like I truly was a member of the running community. Mark’s book, “Why I Run”, is inspiring and the magazine is always something I look forward to reading. Of course reading a running magazine or book always allows you to feel like you are finding ways too improve your running without leaving the comfort of your couch…perfect for rest days or even those days you just can’t get yourself going. We all have those days right?

So there I am being interviewed about my third Half Marathon and at the end I discover that the person following me on the show would be Bill Williams who will be running his 39th Ottawa Marathon next month.  Talk about feeling like a beginner!!  But then it struck me, how many other sports embrace all of its members so equally?  How many other sports organize competitions that are meant for the elite and the beginner?  How many other sports have crowds cheering as loudly for the back of the pack as for the leaders?  At all of the races I have participated in, I have always been amazed at the diversity of those participating. There are people of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages and abilities.  Some are in serious. competitive mode, others are in party mode. But everyone is equal. Everyone got their butts off the couch, often at some ridiculous hour in the morning, to head out there and run. I’m happy to say I am part of such a community.

If you would like to check out the interview, go to the following link and choose the April 6th show. And if you can, check out other episodes to learn more about this incredible and diverse community.

(And my apologies for the lousy sound during my part of the interview – my cheap home phone apparently doesn’t do well on radio.)




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