Manotick Miler Here I Come


Manotick Miler

Yesterday I had my final physio appointment and was given the green light to run in tomorrow’s 10 mile race in Manotick!  When I arrived my physiotherapist asked how my calf was feeling and I immediately replied, “Great!”  His next question was very sensibly… “Are you just saying that because you want to be able to run on Sunday?”  There’s a guy who knows runners.  But honestly, things are feeling good.  I am taped up and hopefully ready to run.  I was only given permission to run for 5 minutes today to make sure I had one more day of healing before the race.  As dumb as I looked, I just put my shoes on and jogged on the spot in my house.  Hopefully my calf holds up for the hour and half I will need tomorrow to complete the course.

In a perfect world, I would like to finish in less than that hour and a half.  Last year I finished in 1:29:xx, a time that completely surpassed my hopes of a 1:33.  I was the 36th woman out of 129 and was 15/49 in the 40 -49 age category (hate those 10 year age categories!).  If it weren’t for the calf injury and a week of no running, tomorrow looks like a perfect day for a PB.  The temperature should range from a cool 4-9 degrees C and the wind is supposed to be only 11 km/hr.  Last year I found the headwind on part of the course to be a challenge.  It is also calling for a mix of sun and clouds.  I have run this course in full sun and there is no shade to be found, so clouds could be a blessing.

My plan is start slow, see how things feel and then slowly speed up and hope for a negative split.  I will be very interested in seeing how a week off affects me.  Will I be tired and stiff?  Or will I have that awesome feeling where my body just wants to run?  It could go either way.  I know I said I would aim for a slower pace than last year, but I would be lying if I said it hasn’t crossed my mind that maybe I could beat 1:29.  I’ve checked my times at the Prague Half Marathon and I hit 16k at 1:31 and I was running a little conservatively there.  I know I need to be careful tomorrow, I don’t want to ruin the three other races I am doing in May.  But I also know I will be a little disappointed if my time is over 1:32.  This one is going to be a hard one to call.

3 thoughts on “Manotick Miler Here I Come

  1. Rebecca

    Good news! See you there!

    I’m hoping my stomach will cooperate – today was rough with my antibiotics. Not taking my morning dose until after the run.

    1. kristi Post author

      oh, never thought of that… antibiotics and running, probably not a good combination. I have enough GI issues without the fun of antibiotics. Good idea to save your next dose to after the race. I’ll look for you there!


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