How Not To Taper

IMG_4144 (Shrunk)We have spent the last two days exploring Prague’s never ending maze of cobblestone streets and still feel like we have barely scratched the surface of this historical city.   The only thing I haven’t really managed to do?  Run.

That’s not entirely true. On our first morning I did do a mini run of 4k.  But I stopped so many times either for traffic, pedestrians or simply to look at things that I’m not convinced I can officially call it a run.  I can tell you that running on cobblestones is much more difficult than you might think.

IMG_2284 (Shrunk)

So if you want to taper in all the wrong ways, just do as I do and try the following:

  • Don’t bother running the final week of training
  • do walk at least 15 km daily for two weeks prior to your race (today we were closer to 20)
  • do lots of hills and stairs, in fact make sure wherever you are staying has a minimum of 80 stairs to climb (we have 88 here at our place in Prague – completely worth it though as the apartment is gorgeous with an amazing location).
  • Just in case you haven’t done enough stairs, go up a bell tower with just more than 200 stairs coiled so tightly you are dizzy by step 10.
  • Follow a very special diet, including
  1. Bratwurst and giant pretzels (Germany)
  2. crepes, cheese, socca (traditional Nice chickpea bread), chocolate croissants, and Lays olive flavoured potato chips (France)
  3. pizza and gelato (Italy)
  4. dumplings, apple strudel, trdelnik  (a traditional grilled – yes grilled – pastry), hot mulled wine and beer (Czech Republic)

In my defence, the beer in Prague costs the same as a bottle of water.  This is the land of the $2 beer!  The beer and wine are also sold at stands on every corner.  Once you buy it you can walk freely with it.  Quite a change from Ontario where we can’t even buy beer or wine in the grocery store.

All of this should add up to a fast half marathon in a couple of days, right?

Oh well, there is always the Ottawa half in May to aim for another sub two hour race 🙂

Some more photos:

IMG_4124 (Shrunk)


IMG_4170 (Shrunk)


IMG_4157 (Shrunk)

– most of my run will be following the river you see above

8 thoughts on “How Not To Taper

  1. runrodrun

    Just when I was gonna send you a quick email to see how you were doing!

    What an awesome trip 🙂

    Screw the race………did I just say that ?

    1. Michael

      What are you saying Rod!!? We didn’t fly all the way out here for anything but a PB. That’s why I’ve been pushing Kristi with this cross training, stair climbing, hill work and that special diet. Come Saturday she will be ready (I on the other hand ….)

    2. kristi Post author

      LOL, never thought I would hear you say that! My guess is you are taking your tapering for ATB far more seriously!

      1. Rod

        I’m doing my best. And let’s face it, I don’t have nearly the same level of entertaining distractions as you!

        You gotta hear this one. The leader of that group of super runners I’ve joined is also racing ATB. She told me she’s using it as a pace race. To which I asked what she meant. Turns out it means she’ll run at race pace for segments then back off and rest before picking up the pace again and once again resting up after awhile. Given these rest breaks, she anticipates finishing in 2:40!!!!!

        These runners are incredible!

  2. Davina

    It looks fabulous, Kristi. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry about your time. Have fun and good luck!


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