Should I go Hypothermic?

Does a winter half marathon sound appealing to you?  If the weather is perfect it sounds like a great idea to me.  But… if it is icy or if there are gale force winter winds I am not convinced a 2 hour run would be fun.  Throw in the fact that the course is that same rolling golf course that I ran in the fall and I am left wondering if I should register.  But there is a little part of me that thinks if I really want to consider myself a true winter runner ( or perhaps a true Canadian runner?) I should have one winter half marathon medal.  Particularly if it looks like this:


Now throw in a full brunch for the price of registration, and access to lockers, showers, indoor bathrooms and no lining up in an corral for ages before the race.  Those are a lot of perks that could outweigh the weather.

Average temperatures on February 7th here in Ottawa is a reasonable -8 C (about 17F) but lows of about -30 C (-22F) have occurred on that date.  The course is also very open, any kind of wind would definitely be felt.  Here is a picture from the website of what it looked like one year at the race:

Note what looks to be ice on the path.  But did I mention the brunch???  You also get these in your kit, neither of which I really need but it is always fun to get stuff:

If I ever manage to start my Prague Half Marathon training schedule (I should be in my third week but have done virtually no running due to being sick) I would only be scheduled to run a 16k on the Sunday of the Hypothermic.  This would be a much longer, tougher run than I would really need to do.  But I could treat it as a training run, keeping it slow, which let’s face it, if the footing is awful I won’t have a choice!

One way or the other I will have to make up my mind…believe it or not I think this race actually sells out.  Yes, there are that many crazy winter runners out there!



8 thoughts on “Should I go Hypothermic?

  1. Jerome Lambourne

    I ran it last year. Course is only the first half of the mission possible, loops 4x.
    “traction aids are recommended” is what they tell you at race kit pick up.
    It was sunny, but -23C. Wind was a weird one, when running in between the trees, it was non-existent, out in the open, face protection was a must 🙂
    Course was hard packed snow, although I’ve heard it varies from year to year.
    Took me 2:53, I ran out of gas on the 4th loop, 1.1k out and back was more walk than run.
    Brunch is the same as the mission possible.
    And yes, I’m doing it again, nothing says “I Am Canadian” like a half marathon in Feb!

    1. kristi Post author

      Not completely sure you are selling me on this race 🙂 But it does seem like such a Canadian thing to do. Just have to think about whether I want to do the early or late shift.

        1. kristi Post author

          I’m thinking that might be better. Could be lonely out there on a cold winter day with fewer than 100 runners. Mind you I love sleeping in.

  2. Rebecca

    That medal almost has me wanting to do that race…almost….

    I probably could run 21.1K at any time (maybe?) but if it is bitter cold, I would not be happy!

    1. kristi Post author

      Damn, you’re right. I have changed my wish…hopefully that weekend will be perfect snowshoeing weather. That is what I was hoping for this week and look what happened!


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