This One’s For Me

This post is going to be about splits, pace, age placing… in other words things that may only be of interest to me. So if you are looking for a general review of the NYC Half, feel free to skip this and read the previous post. On the other hand, if you like numbers, or if you just like to see if your numbers are better than my numbers (and since according to my race results I was in the 56th percentile for my age group, you actually have a very reasonable chance of having better numbers than me) please read on.

First – my evaluation of how I ran the race and how I felt. The NYC Half was only my third half marathon but I do feel it was my smartest race. My first race I just went out and did it without too much of a plan. My second race I went too fast for the first 15 or more kms, only to lose all drive by the end. So this race I went into more cautiously. After a slow first mile because of the crowd, I allowed myself to really pick up the pace to get an average speed I was happy with. Once I achieved that I made myself slow down. That wasn’t easy and in hindsight I have a feeling I could have let myself be a little faster and still finish strong. But at the time I did not want to risk it, so I kept my pace controlled. Clearly my pace was a comfortable one for me as the only time I remember feeling like I was breathing a little heavy was at the top of Harlem Hill and in the last 500 m. I’m not sure if having steady, relaxed breathing throughout a half marathon is a sign of good training or a sign that you should really be pushing yourself harder. For the moment I am going with the first theory. I felt great after the race, was able to spend the rest of the day exploring Manhattan and then spent the following day on my feet at the C.P Zoo and at the Museum of Natural History. So all said, I really couldn’t be happier with the way my body responded to the challenge. I do think though that for my next half I should aim for a little more speed and see if I can get closer to that magic 2 hour mark.

As for numbers:
NET TIME: 2:03:38
GARMIN RACE PACE:5:47/km…. but when I uploaded my results from my watch to SportTracks the final distance came to 21.49k with an avg pace of 5:45…I like the sound of that!
5K SPLIT: 29:48
10k SPLIT: 59:44
15k SPLIT: 1:29:05
20k SPLIT: 1:57:35

GENDER PLACE: 3373/7607
AGE PLACE: 415/1003

And this is the part I find interesting and is new to me. NYRR records your age graded time. They do some kind of bizarre math thing that apparently levels the playing field. For those of us getting a little older this means our times are knocked down. So my age graded time was 1:57:11 (does this mean I can claim I ran a sub 2 hour race???) and my age graded percentile was 56. 18 (does this mean I get to call this a blog for an ever-so-slightly-better-than-average runner???).

So there they are, the numbers I need to beat next time. I am pretty sure my next half will be the Day Before Mother’s Day race. We’ll see then if I am ready for the challenge.

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