I Love Winter Running

There is no hidden sarcasm in the title of this post. Give me time, I’m sure at some point I will write about the difficulties winter presents to all of us who choose to run.

But for now… today was the first real snowfall of the season. If you listened carefully I’m sure you would have been able to hear the rhythmic sound of all of the treadmills starting up for the season.  But if you insist on climbing aboard the “dreadmill”, how will you ever enjoy this:


Yes, you have to slow down, pick up your feet, watch where you place them, but when you do you get to experience runs like no others.  It was nothing short of gorgeous today running in the woods.  It was exhilarating, calming, tranquil and energizing all at once.  How is that even possible?

My advice to all; remember the treadmill isn’t our only winter option.  I know I am lucky, I am able to fit in runs in daylight hours several times a week.  It makes it easier to get out there.  But I encourage every runner to get outside whenever possible this winter, let it offer what only the cold and snow can.  You can love it too.

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