My Favourite Running Year So Far

It is only November, there isn’t even snow on the ground yet, but I am already thinking of next year’s running goals.  Why so early?  I think because this year I’m not feeling burned out. Last year at this time it hadn’t been long since my first marathon, followed by another half marathon. Truth be told I was more than ready for a break. This year, however, despite completing the most races I have ever done in a year, I am feeling rested and excited to run.

Here is the math for the 2014 race season:

17 races

1 marathon

1 30k race

4 half marathons

1 10 miler

1 8.5 miler

5 10k’s

1 8.5k

3 5k’s

1 personal best in the half marathon

3 personal bests in the 10 (faster at each attempt)

1 unofficial fastest 5k in one of my longer distances.

1 30k PB (of course it was my only 30k race…so far!)

1 disaster of a race – the marathon – but I completed it!

2 new cities visited in order to race: Vancouver and Philadelphia

1 great year of running

I also started trail running, orienteering and took swimming lesson.

So what are the plans and goals for next year?  In no particular order:

– a 1:55 or less half marathon

– a 51 minute 10k (I’ll take 51:59!)

– a third marathon

– and of course, the Prague Half Marathon, which may be the race in which I aim for that 1:55; other than some cobble streets it is supposed to be a very fast course.

What are your plans for 2015?IMG_2353 (Copy)




11 thoughts on “My Favourite Running Year So Far

  1. Rebecca

    What a great year!!

    I’m a little sad that racing season seems to be over for 2014. I want more races! Especially a 10K or a 5K because I’ve been so focused on half marathons and the marathon this year.

    For 2015, I would like to:

    – Go sub-60 in the 10K. My “race PB” is 1:08 for the 10K, which is just hilarious since I regularly hit that during training runs and technically PB’d the 10K in the Army Run. SO, a 10K race is in order, it has been too long!
    – Go sub-25:00 in the 5K. It seems like I’m going to have to follow Evan!
    – Run a half marathon somewhere outside Ottawa. I am thinking STWM half, but also put an application in for a Rock n’ roll ambassador, which would mean a half marathon in Montreal!
    – maybe, possibly – another marathon in the Fall. I am still putting my name in for NYC, but STWM would be a good option as well (and way more affordable). I think if I concentrate on just 5K/10K’s in the spring, it might make me feel a bit more enthusastic about training for another marathon.

    1. kristi Post author

      You’re braver than me going for that sub 25 min 5k! Every once in a while I think I might be able to do it…then I think about how unbelievably awful running at that speed would feel for me – I think I’ll leave it for Evan. I will run a couple of 5k races though, most likely at the Richmond Road Race and Winterman.

    1. kristi Post author

      Sounds like 1000k will be easily reached next year, especially if you are going to do 15 races. I’ll be interested to hear what races you will choose. I recommend the Somersault series, you could probably get at least half a dozen races done with them alone.
      BTW, I ran the golf course yesterday, pretty sure they are closed for the season so it is a good place to run, except for the wind!

      1. Jerome

        Here’s my list, with distances. Comments?

        Hypothermic 21k
        Winterman 5k
        Manotick Miler 16k
        Where’s Franktown 10k
        Colonel By Classic 8k
        Ottawa Race Weekend 21k
        Britannia Beach 5k
        Smiths Falls Figure Eight 5k
        Sydenham Lakeside 10k
        National Capital 10k
        Army Run 21k
        Run for the Animals 3k
        9runrun 21k
        Madd Dash 5k
        Santa Shuffle 5k

        1. kristi Post author

          You are organized! This is helping me think of my schedule for next year.

          Haven’t done the Hypo (do you get a medal for that one?), Franktown, Smith’s Falls, Sydenham or Madd Dash.

          I loved the Manotick 10 miler, a great distance, wish we had more. Some rolling hills in first half, but nothing major, one really irritating hill just before the end. Well organized, lots of parking. Part of the course was pretty windy last year, year before that when it was still a half distance it was insanely hot. I’m already signed up for next year, took advantage of 50% off offer.

          I like doing an 8k, good distance to work on speed, The colonel By is a nice route along the canal.

          National Capital is a good mid summer tune up, double out and back, a bit of an incline at the turn around and at the finish, but nothing major.

          9runrun was my first half marathon and I loved it, haven’t managed to make it back again but would like to. Relatively flat, though I think there was a portion early on that was a slow incline.

          I would really recommend Fall Colours, any of the distances. It is their busiest race, lots of fun. Free chili if you do the half marathon – just do your hill training but a great challenge. All the other Somersault races are smaller than Winterman and Fall Colours, lots of chances to get an age group award! Somersault also does an award ceremony at the end of the year. You get points for each race you did and as long as you do three races you can qualify for the top three of your age group. A friend of mine, my oldest son and myself each won for our age groups this year.

          Another race I wouldn’t mind trying for fun is the Beer Run, organized by the same people who do the Manotick Miler. Not sure how much I could actually drink on the run but it is supposed to be a good time. And there is a medal, so meets your criteria 🙂

          1. Jerome

            Hypothermic has a winterman sized medal. Madd Dash was my very first race (and it’s spitting distance from my house).
            I did the beer run, didn’t enjoy it, running with food and beer in my stomach wasn’t all that much fun.
            Age group, sadly I’m M40-44 an extremely fast group (I was close to last at the 9runrun with a 2:05). Perhaps I should sign up as a Clydesdale instead 🙂

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