What Next?

There are so many things I should write about while the details are still fresh, but have to admit I am ready to crash. So a detailed post will have to wait. But here are the two things I learned about me today:

1. I have a sub 2 hour half in me, it may still take a while to achieve, but it will happen … Only three and a half minutes to lose,

2. I am ready to start working on a marathon. I did today’s race comfortably, only briefly breathing hard at the top of Harlem Hill. I didn’t take a walk break and I kept a steady pace. At no time did I question my sanity or start making plans to change my hobby to something like say, extreme t.v. watching or professional napping. Honestly, each km was enjoyable and worth every minute of training through a cold winter. The only question now is do I wait until the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, for which I am already registered, or do I try my first marathon sooner????

One thought on “What Next?

  1. Jette Dapoz

    Hi Kristi,

    Congratulations!! Way to go!!! I’m so proud of you!! It sounds like it was a cold one from other peoples comments? I wonder if it was a benefit for you to have been training in cold Ottawa? You’ve got to tell us all about it when you come back. Enjoy the rest of your stay. ( I wouldn’t be surprised if you were out running in the Park tomorrow just for the fun of it).

    Talk to you soon,


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