Half Marathon #10

This Sunday is the big fall race event in Ottawa; the Canada Army Run.  With 25 000 runners registered in the two distances (half marathon and 5k), this is a race that continues to grow in popularity.  In fact, it is the fastest growing event of its kind  in Canada, having more than tripled its numbers since the first race in 2008.

This race is also special because it offers the opportunity for civilians to run with members of the Canadian Military, including wounded veterans.  While there is an air of celebration and thanks at this race, there is also an understanding of what has been lost due to war and conflict.  There are emotions experienced at this race that makes it a unique experience.  To read my particular emotional experience from last year, click here.

I don’t have much of plan for Sunday other than to find the 2 hour pace bunny (or pathfinder as they are called at this race) before the starter’s cannon goes off.  I may or may not stick with that pace.  While this is my 10th (!) half marathon, it is the first one for which I have not followed any training plan whatsoever.  I have had a couple of long runs, but they have been scattered over the past 3 months.  They certainly didn’t follow any progressive order.  Can I run 21.1 km?   Absolutely!  But what pace to follow?  I have no idea.  I actually think I could have done a half decent time if the weather were to be cooperative, but that looks unlikely.  After weeks of beautiful cool temperatures, summer is scheduled to make a brief two day appearance with temperatures in the low 20’s and a humidex pushing that number several degrees higher.  It is also supposed to rain all day on race day.  Not ideal, but since this is not a goal race I am not going to worry about it.  Hopefully I can just take in the experience and enjoy half marathon #10.



2 thoughts on “Half Marathon #10

  1. Rebecca

    The forecast is different on weather office than the weather network. Weather office is calling for 19 and showers (ok, that can work), but Weather network is calling for 21 with a humidex of 29 and thunderstorms (worst nightmare). So, I think my game plan is just to finish. Maybe I will see you on the course!

    1. kristi Post author

      And Accuweather is calling for something different again. I like their report because they have their “real feel” temperature being the same as the actual temperature. I’m hoping Weather Network is way off in their humidex temps!
      I don’t even know what happens if there is a thunderstorm in the middle of a major race. Hopefully we won’t have to find out!


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