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Finally this week I managed to fit in 40 km of running. It has been far too long since I have seen that number as a weekly total.  26.5 of that total was done on  the rolling (sometimes steep) hills of Quebec cottage country.   Hilly enough that today during the last 2k of my 9k run, I slowed to a 7 minute pace. Compare that to a run earlier in the week on the flat where two of my splits were 5:15, the rest around 5:30 (faster than I should have been going for a training run but it felt good so I went with it).

A quick look at the calendar tells me I have time to fit in another 16k run, then two 18k runs and I should be good for the Army Run. Not PB ready but respectable ready. I even have a plan. If I can find the 2:00 bunny I will start with him/her and see how things go.  With it not being a  goal race I’m O.K with a positive split if 2 hours is just to fast right now.  One of the fun things about letting go of expectations is it allows you to also take risks. And without risks, how can you ever really find out what your limits are?

And finally, a favourite moment from running this week. After my faster flat run, I returned home to check out the garden I for the most part abandoned when I started running seriously.  I’m sure some women could maintain beautiful gardens while marathon/half marathon training, teaching, mothering, etc. I’m not one of those women and I’m good with that. I knew the garden had been almost overrun with a grape vine I bought a couple of years ago, mistakenly thinking it was an annual.  I discovered that not only had the vine flourished in neglect, so had the grapes. For the first time it is covered in juicy delicious purple grapes. The kind that Welch’s uses in their juice. I know there was no post run protein in them, but other than that…best treat ever after a workout!


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    1. kristi Post author

      Found something even better tonight – quinoa cakes from Bridgehead. Oh my gosh they were sooo good and good for you. Now I just have to learn how to make them.


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