August 1…


… and it is time to get moving!

I am treating today as the start of a new running season.  Not that I am actually running today, but I will be tomorrow as I am doing the 10k at the National Capital Race while my boys do the 5k run.

But back to the “new season”.  Going back over my training I realized that I have cut my running mileage in half.  March, April and May all saw monthly mileages of just over 200 km. June and July dropped to just over 100 km each.  I don’t actually have plans to get back to 200 k, but I would like to see some increase.  Probably more importantly, I need to increase the quality of my runs.  I wanted July to be a relaxed running month and it was definitely that.  I had no schedule, other than the runs I do when leading my 5k running clinic.  I ran how I wanted and when I wanted and I loved it.   And yes, I am kind of happy that my “off” month still managed to see 100 km of running.  But now I am feeling that urge again to start scheduling and planning and having something concrete to follow.  Tomorrow’s race will be the start of that.

So, first step of the new season… can I get a 10k time that starts with a 55?  The 10k distance is not something I have specifically put a lot of work into.  Officially, my fastest 10k’s are always 56:xx.  But, unofficially I have been faster.  On a local track this past spring I did a 53:56.  The long downhill in Vancouver helped me get the first 10 of the half marathon done in just over 54 minutes.  In Philly two weeks ago I hit the 10k mark at 56:02 on some pretty tired legs.  The question is, have I been doing enough to be prepared for a sub 56 tomorrow?  If it doesn’t get too hot there is a possibility but I think it is going to be close!

Last years National Capital medal - love the purple!

Last year’s National Capital medal – love the purple!


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  1. runrodrun

    Well? Well? How’d it go?

    LOVE the new banner for your blog Kristi. You are such a tremendously accomplished woman!


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