More Things I’ve Learned While in New York

A continuation of yesterday’s post:

13. New Yorkers love St. Patrick’s Day. Technically I already knew that, but still fun to see in person. And since there has been non-stop sirens since this morning’s parade, I think there are many people enjoying the occasion just a little too much.

14. Long term weather forecasts are just as accurate here as at home. I am sure the weather was supposed to be spring like, hence all the short sleeve shirts in our bags. Right now it is snowing.

15. If you are in FAO Schwarz don’t get too excited when you see the sign for the international candy. I checked it out thinking I would find some interesting chocolate. Instead I found Kit Kats, Aero Bars and Dairy Milk Bars.

16. Despite the fact you take your life in your hands, walking in this city is a blast. You can pick out the tourists because we all have a death grip on our children, but it is fun to force your way through the crowds and navigate the roads of Manhattan. Haven’t tried the subway system yet (and kind of want to avoid it during the St. Patrick Day celebrations that have started a day early), but I have to say this city is very walkable.

Tomorrow is race day. Not looking forward to the early morning, all the earlier now that I see how far back my corral is, making it that much farther from my hotel. I am pretty sure I will see the front runners finish their loop around the park before I get to start!

One thought on “More Things I’ve Learned While in New York

  1. Rob

    You can also tell the tourists because they stop at odd times when walking and walk very slowly. I used to work in Times Square. So annoying!


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