Some Quick Notes on the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

While I have started a detailed race report, I’m finding it challenging to complete it when I am doing things like crossing suspension bridges and riding chairlifts to snowy mountain peaks.  So for now, a few memories I want to record about the Vancouver Half Marathon:

  • The realization very early in the race that despite the sun and clear skies it never felt overly hot. Even better, there was just no humidity, making my lungs feel like they were getting extra oxygen with each breath.
  • Finishing a downhill section, assuming it was the main downhill I saw on the elevation map, only to find out that the big downhill was still to come.
  • Finishing that downhill portion to see I had run a 4:49 minute km.
  • Looking out at the ocean and mountains; I think I may have said “Wow” out loud.
  • Thinking I was approaching the 8k marker to find out I was actually at 10k. How did that happen???  How do I make it happen more often???
  • Realizing at 10 k that I felt like I had done nothing more than a warm up run. At that point I was able to say to myself that this was simply an 11k race.
  • Running up the Burrard Street Bridge and realizing it wasn’t as steep as I thought it would be.
  • Realizing at the top of the bridge that I only had to coast and enjoy the last couple of kms since, short of dropping to the ground, I was going to finish my first sub 2 hour half marathon with room to spare!!!

2 thoughts on “Some Quick Notes on the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon

  1. runrodrun

    Congratulations!!!!! There is absolutely no better feeling for us runners to do the math near the end of the race and realize that barring catastrophe a brand new PB is at hand 🙂


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