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December Plans

December is traditionally a rest month for me. It’s the end of racing season, work gets busy, Christmas comes quickly and time seems short. I always get a few runs in during this final month of the year, but nothing significant.

This December will be different, however.  At least that is the plan; sometimes my plans have been known to fall apart. I just know that I don’t want to start over again in January, particularly knowing that I will have to take two weeks off mid-month after surgery to fix my finger that didn’t heal properly after a dislocation.

So instead of resting, my plan is to slowly build my mileage back up in order to be prepared for the Hypothermic Half Marathon at the beginning of March and then Around the Bay 30k at the beginning of April.  And while those months seem far away, when you count by training weeks (as I now seem to measure my life), those races really aren’t that far off.

I won’t put pressure on myself this month, but I will maintain regular running, pool running or snowshoeing.  And I won’t be short of fun events to do.  This Saturday for the first time ever I will be heading to the Santa Shuffle with my family.  I have always skipped it before, usually ready to enjoy my month off.  But it should be a fun event, in fact it is not even timed.  It is, though, for a good cause and there will be this cute medal waiting at the end:

We will also be participating in another Mad Trapper Race, The Transition Race.  This event earns its name because in mid-December it is anyone’s guess what the weather will be as we transition into winter.  As a result, this could be a snowshoe race or it could be a trail race, but one way or the other there will be a race, a hilly one at that 🙂

And finally this month the boys and I have to fit in our virtual run for our “A Christmas Story” medal that just arrived in the mail.  You have to be a fan of the movie to truly appreciate this medal.  As for us, we can’t wait to add it to our tree.  Here is the newest addition to our collection:

This will hang proudly with our previous two “A Christmas Story” medals:

Perhaps you have noticed a leg lamp theme?  You have to see the movie to get the reference.  I’m sure it is the only movie out there where a leg lamp plays a major part in the story line!

So happy running to all during this last month of 2015.  Whether you are taking a rest or training full-out, enjoy the moments and remember, the spring race season will be here before you know it!

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