Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

Tapering and Letting Go

If you haven’t heard the Piano Guys amazing mashup of “Let it Go” and Vivaldi’s “Winter” do yourself a favour and hit the play button above. (Note: it seems to be a little hit or miss if the video works).  It is the only instrumental on my running playlist.  Upon listening to it you might think there are parts of the piece that are too slow for running.  But as it builds so does the drama and so does the energy.  This piece makes me want to fist-pump and take in everything around me at the same time.

Yesterday I did not have my music with me, but this piece of music was in my head.  The words “Let it Go” kept popping into my mind.  I felt a bit lethargic before heading out for a 6k taper run.  I am edgy, a bit agitated.  I am tapering.  But as I ran I suddenly realized that my training is done.  Whatever I do on these last runs will not have any mayor effect on race day.  The hay is in the barn so to speak.  As I ran I could actually feel the stress fall away.  I was slow, but somehow lighter.  The 6k taper run turned into a 9.5 km fun run.  I ran on roads and trails and threw in some strides.  I love training for a goal, but running simply for the sake of running on an unusually warm and sunny October day… I don’t mind that at all.

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