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Road2Hope Marathon Training #4 Plus an Embarrassing Admission

Might as well start with the embarrassing admission part… check out the pick below:


Yep, managed to fall again this week.  I purposely stayed on a very smooth gravel trail that I have run more times than I can count.  I had already completed 5k with the kids, let them go play at the nearby park and then continued on my way in the hopes of completing another 5k before the heat became overwhelming.  Not even 2k into the run my toe managed to hit the one and only rock sticking out of the ground.  This time there was just blood, no fingers sticking out at odd angles or broken bones.  Mostly I am thankful that my kids were no longer with me as my use of profanity was nothing short of epic.  At least this fall was convenient, I was close to a city rec centre and a very nice lifeguard patched me up.  Let’s just say my run the next day took place entirely on roads.

Here is last week’s training:


  • 6k


  • 7.5k in a lovely early morning rain.  The rain didn’t start until the last half of the run and it wasn’t heavy enough for me to worry about doing any damage to my cast.  I hadn’t factored in, however, just how difficult it would be to get my rather wet sports bra off.  About halfway through the process I realized there was a risk I wasn’t going to get out of that thing until evening when my husband came home.  In the end, I admit it, I had to wrap up in a towel and get help from my 10 year old.  I’m pretty sure he is young enough that I didn’t psychologically harm him for life.
  • core exercises, though planks are out for the time being.

Wednesday: off


  • 15k LSR.  I was amazed at how pleasant this run was.  I actually enjoyed every minute and I am pretty sure I could have continued for a few more kms quite comfortably.  I picked a favourite route with long gentle hills and actually felt my best on the inclines.  Wouldn’t it be nice if more runs were like this?
  • core exercises


  • core exercises


  • 7k hilly route.  These weekend short runs are really increasing my strength.  There is barely a flat area anywhere near our cabin, so an easy flat route is not an option.  Since I am no longer able to jump in the lake after a run, I instead did core exercises on the dock.

IMG_4368 Reduced


  • 5k, hills again, including one steep one that I avoided the day before.  I’m pretty sure my running pace up this hill is no faster than my walking pace.  The picture below shows the beginning of the hill, which I promise is steeper than it looks here.

IMG_4384 Reduced


My first week of 40 kms since May.  But it is 40 kms with a difference.  In May I was going through the motions, now I am enjoying the process again.  Sure it would be nice to be going a little farther and a little faster right now.  Hey, when wouldn’t it be?  But right now the running just feels right, if that makes any sense.  Last week between Sunday and Thursday I ran 40 km and was not the least bit sore.  I was keen to run again in the days following.  I am even getting up early to run, something I usually only do on race days.  I know not everything we do can be fun all the time, but when it happens I am certainly going to hold on to the moments.