Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

A Happy Day

What a good day!

I had a perfect long run, 15 km on a gorgeous summer morning.  By 12k when the sun was a little hot, I headed into the woods (on a very smooth trail!) to finish up the run.  Does it get better than this?

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I followed the run up with a trip to the hand doctor.  I did shower first but you wouldn’t have known based on the smell of the temporary cast.  When the cast was pulled off I was politely asked if I wished to wash my arm.  Running and casts are not a good mix.

Bad news, no waterproof cast.  Good news, I should only have to wear it for 3 more weeks, followed by a splint.  That is less time than the ER doctor predicted so I am thrilled!  Of course this doctor asked me to ease off on the training for 3 weeks, I assured him that wasn’t necessary.  He looked like he wanted to argue and then thought better of it.  My theory is if I managed to put in 40 km with the temporary cast, there really isn’t any reason to stop now!

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