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Salomon S-Lab Sense 4 Ultra SG Shoe Review


(shoe photo from www.salomon.com)

Recently I had the chance to try a pair of these trail shoes – I’m not writing the name out again, I’m sure they have the longest name of any shoe I have tried and honestly I can’t keep it straight in my head.  But don’t let the long name deter you from these shoes; if you like trails, if you are happy to go through mud and  your runs tend to make your feet wet, these are shoes you are going to want to put on.  Luckily I don’t have to just trust that these trail shoes will get you through soft ground (that is what the SG stands for), I know from experience even though I don’t own a pair…yet.

Recently my whole family took part in the Mad Trapper Natural Obstacle Off-Trail Race.  You can read about our adventures here.  Suffice it to say, the race required us to go through lots of mud, plenty of water, and climb over rocky outcroppings.  I went to the race prepared, wearing my Salomon Speedcross 3’s.


I love my Speedcross shoes.  They have been perfect for trails, orienteering, and running in the snow.  I love them so much that I have two pairs; the other pair are the Climate Shield version, which I use most often for snowshoeing.  They fit my feet nicely and are remarkably light for a trail shoe.  My only complaint is I find them just a little too loose at the heel, but not enough to cause problems.

At the Mad Trapper race, Salomon had several demo shoes, including the shoes with the neverending name.  Now by demo. I assumed they meant you could put them on and run around on the grass a bit.  Bonus, I thought, at least we can try on shoes outside rather than in a store.  But Salomon really wanted you to demo these shoes.  If you dropped off your driver’s license, the shoes were yours for the race.  Sold!

I spent an hour and twenty minutes doing all the things you really shouldn’t do when wearing shoes you don’t own.  And here is probably the highest praise I can give a shoe:  I put on the shoes, started the race and promptly forgot about them!  These shoes were so light, fit so nicely (including holding on to my heel perfectly) and gave me such good grip, I just didn’t need to focus on them.  Instead I could think about things like how I was going get through a thigh deep mud pit without face-planting.  When the race was finished I admit I kept the shoes on for as long as possible, and considering they were muddy and soaking wet, that should say something about their comfort level.  My husband also wore a pair for the race and was equally impressed.  We both walked away trying to figure out how we could justify buying new shoes in the very near future.

I have to give a shout out to Salomon for having demo shoes at a race site.  Just that alone makes me want to be a customer.  I’m looking forward to adding some S-Lab Sense 4 Ultra SG’s  into my shoe rotation soon.  Just don’t expect me to remember the name.

Three of the four of us got to try a new pair of Solomon's at the race.

Three of the four of us got to try a new pair of Solomon’s at the race. Luke got to try the Speedcross 3’s and gave them thumbs up.