Daily Archives: May 28, 2015

Hamilton’s Road 2 Hope Marathon – I’m Registered!


A year and a half after running Hamilton’s Around the Bay 30k race I will be heading back to that city for my third attempt at a marathon.  I have a month to relax a bit then my training session begins.

That leaves the next few weeks to have some fun.  It started today with a very pleasant 6k run at a 5:43 pace.  All of my solo runs the next few weeks will be based on feel and how much free time I have.  Next will be a 2 day training camp for orienteering.  Then there will be a women’s trail running clinic in Gatineau and at the end of June I will be stepping out of my comfort zone to run the Mad Trapper Natural Obstacle Off Trail Race.  Should I be worried when the website describes it like this:

Steep Uphills, Steeper Downhills, Downriver Canyons, Through Swamps, Under Logs, Up Cliffs,  Over Boulders, Lion and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

 Then of course there is the following quote about the event from Dave McMahon:
“The Mad Trapper NOOTR only offers 1 obstacle… the thing is, that obstacle is over 4km long!”
Ok, I will admit it now, I am just doing it for the beer and brownies after the event 🙂