Daily Archives: May 24, 2015

Yeah, So Training For a Half Marathon is Probably a Good Thing.

No speed records for me today.  But then I knew that going into today’s Ottawa Half Marathon since my training has been less than stellar.  I’ve had more weeks than I care to admit where I was doing well if I managed 20km in total.

I did however manage to finish in 2:03 something, my common half marathon time from my early half marathon days when I was actually training.   So essentially what used to be a finish time that required lots of training mileage is now my finish time with a very mediocre training effort.  Given the fact it was in full sun which doesn’t usually sit well with me, I was actually pleased that the first 16k felt quite steady and pleasant.  My first 10k was a very comfortable 56 minutes.  Perhaps the fact that the last 5k were not so pleasant has something to do with the fact that 16k is the farthest I have run in the last two months.

Technically my time was probably a 2:02.  Very close to the finish line I stopped to help hold someone up who was very close to crashing down.  Unfortunately for him his race was finished in a wheelchair.  I am not sure if I was just more aware of it this time but it seemed like people were dropping like flies.  I have never seen so many people receiving medical help on the sidelines during a race.  It was also the first time I saw someone flat out on the road on his stomach, clearly in significant medical distress (he was being attended to when I passed).  There were people being treated intravenously on the course.  I saw enough people down that when, around the 19k mark, I suddenly felt chilled and had goosebumps I made myself take a good walk.  In retrospect I think it was just my drenched body reacting to a sudden breeze but I wasn’t taking any chances that I might be suffering from overheating.  Yes, all of this made me wonder why we all do this running thing.

Pictures, expo info and more race details to come later this week.