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Ottawa Sporting Life 10k Race Recap

I decided it shouldn’t be me writing this race recap, but instead it should be Evan, my 12 year old who ran this distance for his very first time.  I had a great time pacing him, and perhaps more importantly, reminding him to breathe!  He did manage to run his last two kms faster than the previous ones, never an easy feat.  Before his post, a couple of race thoughts from me:

  • love, love, love the medals and t-shirts
  • nice course, using a different part of the canal route from other races
  • while the location for medals and food was nice at the new Landsdowne Park, it was a little too far from the finish line – would have hated that walk had it been stormy or blistering hot in the sun
  • some more post race food choice would have been nice, though I did enjoy my chocolate croissant that I bought at the farmer’s market
  • love the fact that over $50 000 was raised for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • I liked the fact that today the organizers sent out a survey to see what people thought of the race

And now for a first time 10k runner’s perspective from Evan:

On Sunday, I ran my very first 10 km run at the Sporting Life Ottawa 10k.  There were just under 1800 runners at the event which is not a whole lot but not bad for the first time the event has been held in Ottawa.

In the first few kilometers I learned something about a road race:  Do not wear a camelback!  It might work for orienteering, but at the 4k mark I had to pass it off to Luke and my Dad who were our (awesome) cheerers at the side.   I actually felt like I had a camel on my back!

I also found out that running a long distance is all mental. If you tell yourself that there is only 1km left you run faster, even if there’s actually around 1.8 km left and you know it!

The weather was terrible for running.  It wasn’t too hot, but the humidity was crazy.  It felt like you were trying to breathe steam.

When we finally made it to the finish, we had to walk a very long way to get to the food, of which there wasn’t a lot to choose from.  Luckily I like bananas, but they are not very filling.  That was the only part I disliked about the race, because thinking about all the food at the end is what kind of keeps me going during the run.

My overall time was just over an hour, which I am proud of, and it was also a PB! 🙂  There were great medals at the end, the money was going toward CHEO, and overall it was a very fun race!

After the race was done, we set off to orienteering.  The road race was fun, but I was glad to get back on the trails at Mackenzie King estate!

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