Daily Archives: May 9, 2015

Sporting Life 10k Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I will be pacing at the inaugural Sporting Life 10k here in Ottawa.  But I won’t be donning official bunny ears.  Instead I will be pacing my 12 year old, Evan, for his very first 10k race.  At his age I definitely don’t want to see him running this distance with any regularity but the combination of an awesome medal that I knew would appeal to him and the fact that it is Mother’s Day tomorrow made me think that this would be the first 10k race for us to do together.  As a mother of boys, I know it is special to be able to share an activity, particularly with a boy who is heading into those dreaded  wonderful teen years.

We won’t be going for too much speed tomorrow, and quite frankly with the heat and humidity that has hit us here in Ottawa I am fine with a slower run.  At the end I hope Evan is proud and excited to earn his first 10k medal.  How can you resist a medal with the CHEO bear and knowing that the race is helping kids?

SL10K Ottawa Medal