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No PB at the Manotick Miler…

…but it was nice being out running again!

I’m curious, how much do you think you would have to spend to bribe race officials to change part of their course?  I ask because there is an out and back section of the 10 mile course in Manotick that is nothing short of a wind tunnel!  Since it has been two years in a row now that the 10 milers have had to fight a crazy head wind, I am going to assume that that portion of rural, open road is simply always windy.  I guess the bonus was I didn’t get too hot, in fact my hands nearly froze off.  I thought it would be too warm for gloves, but I was proven wrong since my hands went from cold to just numb from the biting wind.  They started cold and finished cold, no matter how hard I worked.

As for my run, the first half was awesome.  Honestly I was just so happy to be out running again.  My calf held up perfectly, in fact by the end of the race I think it was the only part of my body still feeling loose and good.  Maybe I should have been stretching my other leg this week too?  For the first 8 km I had to remind myself to slow down, often finding myself running well below a 5:30 pace.  It is possible I went out to fast and hence the much, much slower second half, but I have a feeling that due to the wind this is a course that you pretty much have to take the speed when you get it because of that wind tunnel.

To be honest, I was done at about 14 km and a side stitch forced me (ok, maybe just encouraged me) to take several walk breaks in the last km and a half.  Yes, that is sort of sad.  I guess I could have pushed through but I admit that I am very bad for backing right off once I know I won’t get the PB.  Mental note that my mental attitude needs to change.  Those final walks meant that at least half a dozen people passed me, people I had been ahead of for most of the race.

The final numbers:

chip time 1:30:52 (a little less than a minute and a half slower than last year)

avg pace 5:38 (last year 5:33)

overall 84/240

women 30/137

F40-49 15/51

Not bad, so I am not unhappy.  I just think I could have done better in the second half.  Interestingly I placed higher overall and in the women’s category than I did last year.  My age ranking stayed the same.  Ultimately the lesson learned today is that I need to get working to run a solid sub 2 hour half marathon, because I really don’t think I had another 5k at a good pace in me today.

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What was fun today is that with it being a relatively small race, I ran into lots of people I know, some who I haven’t seen in a while, including getting to chat briefly with Rebecca from RunningFoodBaby, who I haven’t seen in person since we traveled to last year’s Around the Bay race.  I also had a blast cheering on two friends, one running 16k for the first time ever, as they approached the finish line.  Way to go Nathalie and Lisa (and your hubbies did great too!).  And a message to Jerome – man, I could not keep up with you today!!!  Maybe I should get you to pace me for the ORW half!  That is, of course, if I can manage to keep up with you.  Congrats as well to all the runners from the Grant Crossing Running Room, I think there was quite a group of you in Manotick today.

All in all, the Manotick Miler once again offered a fun race with a small town vibe.  I remain impressed that local businesses welcome runners to virtually take over their parking lots.  The rural/suburban route is pleasant and hey, there weren’t any cobblestones!

And so begins a very busy few weeks of running.  My husband, kids and I are all planning on orienteering in the local meets for the next 6 or 7 weekends.  We are also all taking orienteering training courses once a week (actually the boys are twice a week).  And there are races every weekend for the next 4 weeks that we are planning on doing.  I think I am getting exhausted just thinking about it all!

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