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T’was the Night Before the Prague Half Marathon

Despite the fact that the whole reason we came to Europe was because I wanted to run the Prague Half Marathon, the race itself has become somewhat secondary. We have had an amazing and unforgettable family vacation and all of us have recognized daily how lucky we are to experience such a trip.  I will admit that the fact we were on two Germanwing flights less than 48 hours before the devastating crash has certainly driven that fact home.  This has been a wonderful experience for all of us and I am thankful.

To get in some relaxing time without walking, we spent this evening at a lovely classical music string ensemble concert in the grand staircase hall of the National Museum. For a five year period, the only way to see inside this building is if you attend small evening concerts.  The building is closed as renovations continue to repair damage from WWII and from Soviet machine gun fire in 1968, much of which had been poorly “patched up” in the past.

The very grande central staircase of "Narodni Muzem" or the National Museum.

The very grand central staircase of “Narodni Muzem” or the National Museum.

After the concert, an outdoor meal of chicken shishkabob in a baguette and alcohol free beer.

IMG_3977 (Shrunk)

Not so sure how great a meal that is for the night before a race but the view was spectacular…

IMG_3980 (Shrunk)

I will give a full report on race expo at a later time but for now a few pics to share. Also one note: this race allowed you to choose a long sleeve or short sleeve race shirt.  How awesome is that?  There are races out there that can’t even manage to hand out women’s style shirts but RunCzech and Addidas gives you a choice of long or short sleeve – each with different coloured stripes. And if that wasn’t enough you then got to choose from five colours for a sports bag!

IMG_4317 (Shrunk)

There was also race souvenir clothing, and of course I couldn’t resist…


My "Praha"shirt, with well known buildings and a measuring tape underneath showing 21.1

My “Praha” shirt, with well known buildings and a measuring tape underneath showing 21.1

A comfy (and very bright) Adidas Prague Half Marathon hoodie.

A comfy (and very bright) Adidas Prague Half Marathon hoodie.

That’s all for now.  Time to organize and sleep, though with a noon start and being only a 15 minute walk to the start line, it won’t quite feel like a regular race morning. My only goal tomorrow, to have fun!  PB’s can wait.  Wish me luck!