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Today I Was One of THOSE People

On many of my outdoor runs I have run past gyms.  When I am fighting rain, wind or snow I understand why I see so many people running on treadmills indoors.  But when it is nice out I always wonder why on earth someone would choose treadmill running over the great outdoors.  What is with those people I always wonder?

Well, today I was one of those people.  The temperature actually went above 0C today.  We have been waiting for that for months.  And there I was heading to the local rec centre to work out on a treadmill.  I actually purposely took out all of my outdoor running gear from my gym bag before heading to work today because I knew that if I had a choice I would be heading outdoors.  So why rob myself of a fun run outside?  I need to make sure I can run in warmer temperatures.  At the moment the predicted temperature in Prague on race day is 12 C.  In many ways I consider that to be an ideal temperature.  But it is worth considering that 12 degrees is 20, if not 30 degrees warmer than what I am currently used to!  I’m not even used to drinking water on my runs – really there hasn’t been any point in carrying it since it would just freeze solid.  So treadmill it was.  I may even hit it one more time this week.  My hope is that running in the stagnant, still, warm air of the gym will make a spring day in Prague feel perfect.

On a different note, my Nike Tempos passed the long run test, completing 19 km last weekend.  I have now run in them 4 times and no blisters to be found.  I think I might be a little stiffer in my calves with them, but I am putting that down to just adjusting to the lower drop and change of shoe style.  I am going to switch back and forth between them and the heavier Nimbus, again with the idea that running with a heavier shoe for some runs will make the lighter shoe feel like nothing.  I’ll take every slight advantage I can get!



Charlie and my glowing shoes!

Charlie and my glowing shoes!