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Best Laid Plans and Christmas Thoughts

In my last post I confidently wrote about salvaging a slow month where runs had become almost impossible to fit into my schedule.  But with a week and a half of December awaiting, I was sure I could get a reasonable amount of mileage completed.

When I wrote that post I had reason to feel some confidence.  After almost 3 weeks of battling a cold/flu I was finally feeling better.  I had just completed three days in a row with some half decent exercise and I was loving my new running snowshoes.

You know how you just assume that if you have spent 3 weeks under the weather you must be done with illness, at least for a few weeks?  There is of course no scientific reasoning for such a theory.  So a few hours after that post when I was feeling a little queasy, I put it down to the ultra sweet chocolates I had binged on despite not being hungry.  Unfortunately when I woke up at 1:00 am I knew pretty quickly that some greedy eating of sweets was not the cause.  And thus began my all-nighter with stomach flu.  Fun times.  When it finally ended I disappeared into bed, only to fully return to the world of the living after 20 hours of sleep and minus 5 pounds.  There went another couple of days of running.  But all was not lost and I felt well enough to enjoy Christmas Day.  And thankfully no one else in the house picked up the bug to the extent I did, just a couple of queasy stomachs.  By Boxing Day I made it out for a run and I got out there again today, definitely not at my best but hopefully building up a little strength.

Looking on the bright side, a few thoughts from the week:

  • Health issues (none of them serious), work and Christmas forced me into a light month of running and perhaps that is a good thing.  I am planning another busy year of running, surely a rest couldn’t hurt.
  • There have been several awful stories in the news lately about children having to endure things that no child should ever experience.  That long night I was sick I kept reminding myself how many mothers would kill to be in a position where the worst thing that was happening in their lives was to have a stomach flu while their children were sound asleep, safe and healthy in their own beds.  Perspective is an important thing in life.
  • Watching your kids altar serve and sing in the choir at Christmas Eve Mass makes every annoying , frustrating, want-to-tear-your-hair-out-or-just-give-up-and-cry parenting moment of the year vanish from thought.
  • It doesn’t matter if the Christmas baking is finished or the house is clean.  Christmas comes regardless and it is just as wonderful.
  • It doesn’t even matter if all – yes all – of the snow disappears Christmas morning.  Instead we were treated to a Christmas rainbow (not to mention thunder and lightning during the night).
  • Christmas traditions can change, sometimes for the better.  We postponed our Christmas dinner until Boxing Day since there were a couple of us not quite ready to eat a full meal.  We discovered that this is a much more relaxing way to do Christmas!
  • Watching your children give homemade gifts, gifts they spent hours locked away in rooms working on, is priceless.  For anyone who fears the magic of Christmas lessens as your children get older, it does anything but.

In the end it wasn’t quite the week I had planned, not from a training perspective nor from a Christmas perspective.  And in the end it didn’t matter 🙂

I hope your Christmas was all you wanted it to be, in whatever form it took.

Christmas miracles come in many forms - like your kids giving each other hugs!

Christmas miracles come in many forms – like your kids giving each other hugs!