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Rogaine – It’s Not About Hair

Up until recently, when I heard Rogaine I thought of hair replacement. I’m not even sure if that product still exists, but I know there was a time when it was advertised regularly.

Now that I have entered the world of orienteering, Rogaine has a new meaning. It is actually an acronym for Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance.  Last weekend at a Quebec ski hill, the boys, my husband and I took part in our first Rogaine.  I could probably sum the event up in one word; hills!

The Rogaine is a “score-o” event; like all sports there is a lingo to learn. In a score-o you get your map 20 minutes before the mass start. As a team you decide what route you are going to take and which controls, each worth a certain number of points,  you want to find. The catch?  You have a time limit. Get back after that time and you lose 10 points for every minute.  All of this means you need to use some strategy, not to mention watch the clock. We chose to do the 2 hour event, but there was also the choice of 4 and 8(!) hours.

Here is what I learned, and it was a lesson I learned in the very early stages of the event.  The lesson didn’t even have anything to do with orienteering.  What I learned is that I am outnumbered and there is too much testosterone in this family. And I think I can say with confidence it is only going to get worse, considering my youngest isn’t quite at the testosterone-fuelled-competitive stage yet.  Without going into details, let’s just say there were times I just stayed at the back and let the arguments ensue. Being a very slow map reader, it at least gave me the time to try to figure out where the heck we were.

Arguing aside, we did have great fun trekking up ski runs, crossing creeks, slipping down slopes, running through puddles and racing to a final few controls before hitting the finish line just before the two hour mark. In the end, our score fell somewhere in the middle of the pack and we finished tired, wet, hungry and happy 🙂

Gatineau Hills view

Gatineau Hills view