Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

Army Run 2014

In the past five days I have run a half marathon, run two times with my clinic group, practiced swimming twice, gone to an orienteering class, run with my students for the Terry Fox Run, worked, met with five sets of parents for half hour interviews and had a dentist appointment.  This all translates to no blog post as of yet.  It also means I am just too tired tonight to write a major recap.

So short version is this.  My run was reasonable, not my best but probably not my worst.  Actually, it was my second fastest time, coming in at 2:02 something.  But this is one of those cases where the numbers are a little deceiving.  It is certainly a time I can be happy with, but I ran a positive split and was more tired and sore than I would normally be.  The lack of long run training came back to bite me!

I ran a solid 16k (though at 11k a painful side stitch forced me to walk) but by 17k my muscles were feeling tight and tired.  At that moment I made the call to just relax, take a nice walk and run to the finish line comfortably – or as comfortably as possible in the pouring rain on achy legs.  The nice thing about achieving my sub 2 hour half marathon last June is that it has actually taken the pressure off.  Now I know that I have it in me, I am not obsessed with beating two hours.  To be less than 3 minutes past the two hour mark, with little long run training and a slow finish just proves to me again that I can do it.

Once again, a great race was put on by organizers, and lots of cheers to the volunteers and spectators who braved what turned into a cold rain to be there for all of us running.  Also, congratulations to the 6 runners from my running clinics who took part in the 5k race – many of them running a race for the first time!  Most importantly, thanks to those who this race was really about – the men and women of the Canadian Military.